Skin Science Sunday: What Are The Benefits Of A Facial?

benefits of a facial

So what benefits can you actually get from receiving a facial treatment?

Here are 5 Top Benefits:

1. Increased circulation & product absorption through massage movements, creating a rejuvenated & healthy complexion.

2. Smooth the texture of skin & stimulate cell renewal with professional exfoliation options.

3. Extractions of clogged pores & blackheads resulting in less congestion in the skin, & prevent damage of at home "picking".

4. Stress relief from relaxation, including the relaxation of facial muscles, then creating less tension in the face. 

5. Lessen the appearance of acne scarring through professional enzyme peels & prevent future breakouts.

Aside from these reasons, you will have a better understanding of your skin & learn of proper product usage, getting you on the path to healthy glowing skin. 

Making sure you receive monthly facials can help you achieve these great benefits & much more!