Skin Science Sunday: Why Your Apricot Scrub Is Ruining Your Skin.

apricot scrub

The widely popular St. Ives Apricot Scrub is actually damaging your skin. The crushed walnut powder actually creates microscopic tears in the skin & can create long term damage. With this scrub being so abrasive, it can also leave you vulnerable to irritation & even worse, infection. More people have become aware of the concerning effects of this product, that the company is now facing a lawsuit. This just goes to show you shouldn’t just use what is popular, but to educate yourself on the products you choose. So if this is a product you currently are using, it's time to switch!



Skin Script’s Raspberry Refining Scrub.

This exfoliant uses jojoba beads & blue corn meal for gentle physical exfoliation, with raspberry to soothe any irritation or inflammation. Using this product weekly will help remove any surface build-up, as well as brighten, energize, & refine your skin. This non-abrasive exfoliant is great for any skin type.


An organic option is Livia’s Blueberry Botanical Exfoliating Masque.

This product also helps to exfoliate & decongest pores with jojoba beads & blue corn. Blueberry & cranberry load the skin with antioxidants helping create a healthy glowing complexion. Oxygenating, detoxifying, & exfoliating for most skin types.