Get Your Valentine's Day Glow

valentines day

Valentine’s Day is almost around the corner & who doesn’t want to have glowing beautiful skin? Put your best face forward with these tips!

Smooth Skin: Soft & smooth skin is essential. Make sure to slough off dead skin cells with a brightening exfoliant. Try Skin Script’s ‘Raspberry Refining Scrub’. The berries in the scrub will provide anti-inflammatory benefits to soothe, & jojoba beads help buff away impurities. Say hello to smooth, soft skin!

Hydration: Making sure your skin is fully hydrated is key to having a glowing complexion. When your skin is dry & dehydrated it will appear dull & lackluster. Moisturizing day & night with the correct creams for your skin type will create that dewy glow. Try Livia Skin Care’s ‘Lemon Drop Moisture’ to renew skin cells, drench the skin in moisture, & nourish with Vitamin C.

Facial Treatment: The ideal way to prep your skin for the ultimate glow is getting a facial. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated, & professionally treated to result in happy, healthy skin. Other benefits include clearing pores, sloughing off dead skin, slowing premature aging, treating new cell growth & more! Bonus: add a hydrating lip treatment to your facial for moisturized & smooth lips!

Diet: Your diet has a lot to do with the appearance & health of your skin. Include into your diet; berries, foods containing zinc, green tea, & walnuts (to name a few) to fight inflammation in the body. This will help with a clear and brightened complexion.

Add these tips into your regimen for glowing skin just in time for valentines day!

Tips For The Best Festival Skin

Headed to a festival this season? These are a few essentials to make sure you pack before you hit the road.

Festival Skincare

Whether your headed to the desert or an urban City setting these products still need to be in your lineup!

  • De-Gunk Your Face: The Charcoal Clay Cleanser from Skin Script is a perfect purifying cleanser to remove impurities from the skin. When your out in the sun your skin will build up with sweat, debris, & depending on your makeup glam, all that gunk will get baked into the pores. After each day this cleanser will help control excess oil, remove toxins, prevent breakouts, all while refreshing your skin! 

  • Poreless Perfect: The Mint Refining Toner from Skin Script will tighten pores for a smooth photo worthy complexion. In addition, it helps clear pores & work as a natural astringent without drying the skin, as well has leaving the firm & plump. 

  • Antioxidant Power: Apply the Vitamin C/Green Tea Serum to ensure protection from free radical damage. The skin will be drenched with antioxidants to ensure healthy & brightened skin, all free of sun damage & wrinkles. Youthful skin is encouraged & green tea helps prevent the production of bacteria on the skin. 

  • Protect From The Rays: After all other skin products finish off your face & neck with Image Skincare's Prevention + SPF 30+. Being out in the sun all day long can have a harsh effect on the skin, so make sure you are protected against UVA/UVB rays from the sun. I personally love the tinted version of the SPF to give your skin an added dewy glow. Look as if your skin was kissed by the sun without the damaging effects!
Festival Skincare Lineup

Now that you've seen the festival lineup, be sure to follow this "festival skincare lineup" to achieve the best festival skin!

Skin Science Sunday: Why Should You Workout For Your Skin?


What does working out do for your skin?

1. When working out it is known that it helps relieve any stress you may have. When you have a large amount of stress plaguing you, this causes your adrenal glands to be stimulated. When this is happening, these glands produce excess oil, & in return can create acne in the skin from the buildup oil in your pores. Other results can lead to inflammation in the body causing added redness. These reasons are why it is important to manage stress in your body, & working out is a great release. 

2. When you work out you are sweating toxins from your body. Your pores will open up while your body sweats & this will release these toxins that clog the pores of your skin. Doing so can also help lead to a clearer healthy complexion. It is important that you have a clean washed face prior to working out, otherwise things such as makeup will melt into those pores that have just been opened. Try Livia Pure Organics "Blue Lava Cleanser", this cleanser is great to clear the pores & balance oil without stripping the skin. 

3. Consistently working out can lead to healthy regulated sleep. Exercise as we have said reduces stress & can alleviate anxiety, factors that often prevent us from getting a good nights rest. With continuous fitness activity this can help reduce those factors in time resulting in better sleep patterns. When you lack sleep, your body releases stress hormones & create inflammation in the body, resulting in lack luster skin, possible breakouts, & an overall dullness. 

4. When you are regularly working out you naturally want to eat better. You don't want your good work in the gym to go to waste by eating junk food after. With a healthier diet, it will then lead to healthy skin. A lot of what you put into your body will not only show in your body but in your face as well.  Making the right food choices have huge effects on clear radiant skin. 

Skin Science Sunday: Why the mineral selenium is great for the skin

selenium skin benefits

What is so great about selenium? 

Selenium is a mineral found in soil, but we can also find it in water & some foods.

1. Selenium is a mineral that helps fight inflammation. Increased inflammation is a huge negative for anyones skin & health, so anything that will fight this gets two thumbs up!

2.  This mineral is rich in antioxidants. In return, this helps lower free radical damage & fight the signs of aging. Great for keeping a youthful complexion!

3.  It helps assist in skin elasticity, keeping your skin firm & plump!

4.  Reduces redness, irritation, & can help with reduce the inflammation of acne. 

People do not need a large amount of selenium to benefit, & should not exceed the recommended dietary allowance.

Where to find selenium? 

  • Tuna
  • Salmon
  • Mushrooms
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Chia Seeds
  • Pineapple 

Skin Science Sunday: Why your products should be chirally correct

chirally correct skincare

Why your skincare should be chirally correct?

First, what does this mean? The breakdown: Scientific research shows that an ingredient molecule has two sides. One side is said to work better with the skin, & the other not so much. The process involves only using the better working molecule & ridding of the other side. By doing so, your products become more beneficial & your skin can absorb the ingredients to its fullest. This is known as chirally correct.

Sometimes your skin can become sensitized, or you may have an allergic reaction to products when the less beneficial side is used, this is due to your skin essentially not knowing what to do with that molecule. By using only chirally correct products you can then avoid these negative reactions & ensure your skin is benefiting from efficient ingredients only. 

In simple terms, using chirally correct products will let you achieve the best results possible by using ingredients that work BEST on your skin. 

Here at Pure Bloom Skincare we use chirally correct products from the companies shown below:

Skin Script & Livia Pure Skin Care

Livia Pure Skincare

Skin Science Sunday: How to save your skin from airline travel

travel skincare

How to Save your Skin from Airline Travel

Everyone knows how drying it can be while being onboard a flight. With the change in air and humidity in the cabin,  your skin can become drastically affected even after just a few hours! Here are my top tips to ensure the health of your skin.


  1. Make sure to apply a hydrating serum & moisturizer before your flight. Your best bet is to make sure hyaluronic acid is one of the ingredients in either the serum or moisturizer, if not both. This will be a "drink of water" for your skin in a sense. 
  2. Apply sunscreen. Wearing an SPF on flight is essential, UV Rays can be quite strong  through the window of your aisle. Your best bet if you're ultra sensitive is to actually get a window seat, this means you can control how much light is going to be peaking through & you have the option of closing the shade completely. On quite long flights when the sun shines for most of the duration, you could potentially acquire a sunburn. 
  3. Drink plenty of water. To avoid even more dehydration, make sure you are staying hydrated & avoid drinks like coffee & alcohol while onboard. This can dry out your skin further & essentially make you feel more sluggish on arrival. 


  1. Exfoliate your skin. A gentle exfoliation will help rid of any surface dryness, & will help for better product penetration that follows.
  2. Use a hydrating face mask. Following your exfoliation, apply a mask that will help add moisture back into your skin. This will rebalance your skin & add back it's loss in hydration. 
  3. Keep drinking water. This will help assist in getting you that healthy glowing skin & ultimatley feeling better inside & out!

Fun Fact: Hydrating mists can actually do more harm than good. After misting your skin in flight, the air is so dry that it will essentially steal that bit of water from your skin & cause your skin to have more moisture pulled out than if you had skipped misting your face. 

Skin Science Sunday: 5 tips to survive the winter skin effects

winter skin tips

5 Skin Tips to Survive the Winter

1. Hydrate. Making sure you moisturize your face & the rest of your body is essential, & even more important during the colder months. Your skin can get affected by this weather by becoming overly dry & in worse cases; itchy, irritated, & sensitized. Rich moisturizers before bed are ideal in preventing any water loss in the skin & to ensure you stay hydrated through the night. 

2. SPF. Even though you are spending less time outdoors & the sun shines less, it is important to make sure you are still wearing SPF daily. Preventing sun damage & aging is a 365 day job. Harmful sun rays can affect you the entire year.

3. Exfoliate. Gentle exfoliation during the winter is necessary to help remove any dead skin cells that are on the surface. This then helps your moisturizer properly penetrate through the layers of the skin, rather than sitting on top of these dead cells. 

4. Sleep with a Humidifier. Colder days mean putting the heat on in your home. This added heat can create dryness in the air which then leads to dryness in your skin. During the night sleeping with a humidifier helps prevent this while keep moisture in the air. Leaving your skin less vulnerable to the weather. 

5. Avoid Overly Hot Showers/Baths. With the common theme here being dryness. Super hot showers & baths can further dry out your skin. It is important to remember to moisturize immediately after your shower, this is when your skin is ready to fully take in that hydration. 

Adding these tips into your routine will help ensure healthy & happy skin for the winter!