Tips For The Best Festival Skin

Headed to a festival this season? These are a few essentials to make sure you pack before you hit the road.

Festival Skincare

Whether your headed to the desert or an urban City setting these products still need to be in your lineup!

  • De-Gunk Your Face: The Charcoal Clay Cleanser from Skin Script is a perfect purifying cleanser to remove impurities from the skin. When your out in the sun your skin will build up with sweat, debris, & depending on your makeup glam, all that gunk will get baked into the pores. After each day this cleanser will help control excess oil, remove toxins, prevent breakouts, all while refreshing your skin! 

  • Poreless Perfect: The Mint Refining Toner from Skin Script will tighten pores for a smooth photo worthy complexion. In addition, it helps clear pores & work as a natural astringent without drying the skin, as well has leaving the firm & plump. 

  • Antioxidant Power: Apply the Vitamin C/Green Tea Serum to ensure protection from free radical damage. The skin will be drenched with antioxidants to ensure healthy & brightened skin, all free of sun damage & wrinkles. Youthful skin is encouraged & green tea helps prevent the production of bacteria on the skin. 

  • Protect From The Rays: After all other skin products finish off your face & neck with Image Skincare's Prevention + SPF 30+. Being out in the sun all day long can have a harsh effect on the skin, so make sure you are protected against UVA/UVB rays from the sun. I personally love the tinted version of the SPF to give your skin an added dewy glow. Look as if your skin was kissed by the sun without the damaging effects!
Festival Skincare Lineup

Now that you've seen the festival lineup, be sure to follow this "festival skincare lineup" to achieve the best festival skin!