Skin Science Sunday: Why Should You Workout For Your Skin?


What does working out do for your skin?

1. When working out it is known that it helps relieve any stress you may have. When you have a large amount of stress plaguing you, this causes your adrenal glands to be stimulated. When this is happening, these glands produce excess oil, & in return can create acne in the skin from the buildup oil in your pores. Other results can lead to inflammation in the body causing added redness. These reasons are why it is important to manage stress in your body, & working out is a great release. 

2. When you work out you are sweating toxins from your body. Your pores will open up while your body sweats & this will release these toxins that clog the pores of your skin. Doing so can also help lead to a clearer healthy complexion. It is important that you have a clean washed face prior to working out, otherwise things such as makeup will melt into those pores that have just been opened. Try Livia Pure Organics "Blue Lava Cleanser", this cleanser is great to clear the pores & balance oil without stripping the skin. 

3. Consistently working out can lead to healthy regulated sleep. Exercise as we have said reduces stress & can alleviate anxiety, factors that often prevent us from getting a good nights rest. With continuous fitness activity this can help reduce those factors in time resulting in better sleep patterns. When you lack sleep, your body releases stress hormones & create inflammation in the body, resulting in lack luster skin, possible breakouts, & an overall dullness. 

4. When you are regularly working out you naturally want to eat better. You don't want your good work in the gym to go to waste by eating junk food after. With a healthier diet, it will then lead to healthy skin. A lot of what you put into your body will not only show in your body but in your face as well.  Making the right food choices have huge effects on clear radiant skin.