Skin Science Sunday: What Do Fruit Enzymes Do For Your Skin?

Benefits of Fruit Enzyme Peels

What is the benefit of fruit enzyme peels for your skin?

Fruit enzymes help dissolve dead skin cells in order for healthy new cells to come to the surface, creating a smooth and glowing complexion. Without the use of exfoliation your skin can appear dull, dry, and look rough in appearance & texture. The skin renewal process is normally every 28-42 days and this can slow down as we age. In order to keep up with this cell turnover rate, fruit enzymes can help unveil young, beautiful looking skin.

So who is it good for? EVERYONE! Along with the benefit of exfoliation, enzymes can help improve acne, tighten & firm the skin, lighten hyperpigmentation, as well as hydrate, and lessen congestion in the pores. 

As your esthetician, I will carefully choose your fruit enzyme peel to fit the needs of your skin. With a variety of enzymes to choose from, each serve a different and specific purpose for your skin. From blueberry, pumpkin, cherry, and coconut, these blends of ingredients are an effective way to improve your skin.