Skin Science Sunday: How to save your skin from airline travel

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How to Save your Skin from Airline Travel

Everyone knows how drying it can be while being onboard a flight. With the change in air and humidity in the cabin,  your skin can become drastically affected even after just a few hours! Here are my top tips to ensure the health of your skin.


  1. Make sure to apply a hydrating serum & moisturizer before your flight. Your best bet is to make sure hyaluronic acid is one of the ingredients in either the serum or moisturizer, if not both. This will be a "drink of water" for your skin in a sense. 
  2. Apply sunscreen. Wearing an SPF on flight is essential, UV Rays can be quite strong  through the window of your aisle. Your best bet if you're ultra sensitive is to actually get a window seat, this means you can control how much light is going to be peaking through & you have the option of closing the shade completely. On quite long flights when the sun shines for most of the duration, you could potentially acquire a sunburn. 
  3. Drink plenty of water. To avoid even more dehydration, make sure you are staying hydrated & avoid drinks like coffee & alcohol while onboard. This can dry out your skin further & essentially make you feel more sluggish on arrival. 


  1. Exfoliate your skin. A gentle exfoliation will help rid of any surface dryness, & will help for better product penetration that follows.
  2. Use a hydrating face mask. Following your exfoliation, apply a mask that will help add moisture back into your skin. This will rebalance your skin & add back it's loss in hydration. 
  3. Keep drinking water. This will help assist in getting you that healthy glowing skin & ultimatley feeling better inside & out!

Fun Fact: Hydrating mists can actually do more harm than good. After misting your skin in flight, the air is so dry that it will essentially steal that bit of water from your skin & cause your skin to have more moisture pulled out than if you had skipped misting your face.