Skin Science Sunday: Why your products should be chirally correct

chirally correct skincare

Why your skincare should be chirally correct?

First, what does this mean? The breakdown: Scientific research shows that an ingredient molecule has two sides. One side is said to work better with the skin, & the other not so much. The process involves only using the better working molecule & ridding of the other side. By doing so, your products become more beneficial & your skin can absorb the ingredients to its fullest. This is known as chirally correct.

Sometimes your skin can become sensitized, or you may have an allergic reaction to products when the less beneficial side is used, this is due to your skin essentially not knowing what to do with that molecule. By using only chirally correct products you can then avoid these negative reactions & ensure your skin is benefiting from efficient ingredients only. 

In simple terms, using chirally correct products will let you achieve the best results possible by using ingredients that work BEST on your skin. 

Here at Pure Bloom Skincare we use chirally correct products from the companies shown below:

Skin Script & Livia Pure Skin Care

Livia Pure Skincare