Skin Science Sunday: 5 tips to survive the winter skin effects

winter skin tips

5 Skin Tips to Survive the Winter

1. Hydrate. Making sure you moisturize your face & the rest of your body is essential, & even more important during the colder months. Your skin can get affected by this weather by becoming overly dry & in worse cases; itchy, irritated, & sensitized. Rich moisturizers before bed are ideal in preventing any water loss in the skin & to ensure you stay hydrated through the night. 

2. SPF. Even though you are spending less time outdoors & the sun shines less, it is important to make sure you are still wearing SPF daily. Preventing sun damage & aging is a 365 day job. Harmful sun rays can affect you the entire year.

3. Exfoliate. Gentle exfoliation during the winter is necessary to help remove any dead skin cells that are on the surface. This then helps your moisturizer properly penetrate through the layers of the skin, rather than sitting on top of these dead cells. 

4. Sleep with a Humidifier. Colder days mean putting the heat on in your home. This added heat can create dryness in the air which then leads to dryness in your skin. During the night sleeping with a humidifier helps prevent this while keep moisture in the air. Leaving your skin less vulnerable to the weather. 

5. Avoid Overly Hot Showers/Baths. With the common theme here being dryness. Super hot showers & baths can further dry out your skin. It is important to remember to moisturize immediately after your shower, this is when your skin is ready to fully take in that hydration. 

Adding these tips into your routine will help ensure healthy & happy skin for the winter!