Skin Science Sunday: Why You Need To Get A Crystal Facial

crystal facial

Why Should You Get a Crystal Facial?

Firstly, what are crystals? Crystals are known for their healing powers & producing unique energy vibrations. Ancient civilizations have used them in past for a variety of reasons including healing and empowerment. As for some people crystals may seem "out there", but there is research that has proven its beneficial qualities. Every crystal emits energy and frequencies that can be used in specific purposes. So long story short, our bodies have energy & crystals have energy, boom, they go together. So let's talk skin...

The use of crystals in skincare has been an ongoing trend lately, as more people have become aware of the variety of benefits that crystals produce, & the popularity of natural beauty. Crystal grids are a great way to incorporate the positive benefits of a variety of crystals all at once. The combination of vibrations can create a unique flow of energy that you can incorporate into skincare. Whether you want to focus on anti-aging, acne, or simply "waking up" the skin, these grids can be your solution. Different crystals can increase blood flow, providing a healthy glow & vibrant complexion. Another benefit is that they can even enhance other ingredients or act as a semiconductor, making it a perfect time to apply a face masque & then create the crystal grid upon the skin. 

Still not convinced? Come into Pure Bloom Skincare and receive a facial that incorporates these facial grids. As seen on the service menu: 


Take your facials to the next level with these crystal energy combinations. A selection of crystals applied in a unique grid on the face to stimulate energy, and promote healing benefits for the skin, mind, & body. Reveal your inner & outer goddess glow. Add to any facial during the masking step.

  • Detox Crystal GridPurify & Detox. Promotes circulation & breaks up negative & stagnant energies.
  • Stress Free Crystal GridRelease Tension & Stress. Promotes calming & peaceful energies.
  • Anti-Aging Crystal GridRefresh & Rejuvenate. Promote self love, youthfulness, and beauty.
  • Sweet Dreams Crystal GridRelax & Unwind. Promotes soothing energy & induces a calming dream state. Perfect for an evening facial.