Skin Science Sunday: Do I Need to Change my Skincare Routine in the Fall?

transitioning skin from summer to fall

Do you need to transition your skin care routine from summer to fall?

🍂YES. Transitioning from summer to fall usually means you will want to slightly tweak your skincare routine. This may sound like extra work, but here are a few simple tips to flawless fall skin!

💧Boost Hydration. In the summer you can get away with a lightweight moisturizer, but when the weather starts to cool down you will want to switch to a richer moisturizer. This will help prevent any moisture loss & improve the barrier function of the skin. 

🍋Exfoliate. Summertime is spent with hours in the sun & the outdoors which can make the skin more sensitive, causing exfoliation to be at a minimum during these months. Fall is the perfect time to slough off dead skin cells to reveal a smooth, brightened appearance, & helping repair any possible sun damage.

😴Sleep with a humidifier. This is not necessarily a skincare step, but this can help dramatically in your skin. While the temperature drops, you will start to turn on the heat in your home, causing the air to become quite dry and making your skin feel dried out & “tight”. Adding this while you sleep will help prevent this issue & keep your skin soft & replenished in the morning. 

💦Cleanse. Switching to a thicker or creamy cleanser is a good idea for the fall. Our skin tends to produce much less oil during this time so you will want to avoid stripping your skin with a harsh or acidic cleanser, and instead with a hydrating option. 

🌞SPF. Even though our hours in the direct sun is diminished during this time, our skin is still exposed to its harmful rays. Make sure to thoroughly apply your SPF to any exposed areas like the face, neck, chest, etc. daily to avoid any sun damage, even if it’s a cloudy day!